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Stretching Mar16th 2020

5 Ways Stretching Can Improve Your Overall Health

1. Stretching Increases Your Flexibility Are you frustrated because you don’t seem to have the same range of motion that you once did? A variety of musculoskeletal challenges can reduce your flexibility, creating stiffness and making certain motions uncomfortable or even impossible. Stretching can gently coax the stiffness out of tight tissues. Depending on the

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energy Oct19th 2017

Six Easy Steps to Less Pain and More Energy

Do you sometimes feel sluggish, tired, achy, sore, or have low energy? Those could be signs that a daily routine of sitting for long hours in your car, at your desk, or at home watching TV is starting to wear your body down. Your body is meant to move, so the unnatural act of sitting

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What Makes Our Job Worthwhile

Dec24th 2015

We are blessed to be a part of something that makes a huge impact in the lives of other people every day. Knowing that you were able to help someone get their life back is the best feeling a physical therapist can ever have. Though it’s a frequent occurrence in our practice, it never gets

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