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core strength Nov29th 2018

The Connection Between Core Strength and Better Balance

Physical therapy as an industry has been talking about the link between core strength and better balance for years. When the “core” muscles around your trunk are strong, they prevent chronic lower back pain and many other injuries, but they also keep you from losing your balance and falling down. A stronger core will help

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Dancing Mar22nd 2017

Balance and Falling: Dancing as Therapy

It has been proven time and time again that dancing is good for a person’s health. From improved memory to reduction of pain and improved gait, elderly and injured individuals have a lot to gain from a dance class. Moreover, the stretches, exercises, and precise movements found in many dance forms can help those who

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balance to prevent falling Mar1st 2017

Here’s What Maintains Your Balance

Balance is not just something with which we are born. Balance is a sensory system that gathers information from our eyes, muscles, joints, and oddly from our ears. When someone experiences an injury such as a joint injury something happens in our body that shifts our system of balance. That something is our center of

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