What Makes Our Job Worthwhile

Dec24th 2015

We are blessed to be a part of something that makes a huge impact in the lives of other people every day. Knowing that you were able to help someone get their life back is the best feeling a physical therapist can ever have. Though it’s a frequent occurrence in our practice, it never gets old. It’s fulfilling… the true meaning of what physical therapy is all about.

I am so happy for Melanie E., her mom Laurie and their entire family. Melanie has been struggling with dizziness over the past 6 months. We are fortunate to have met this young lady, for throughout the past 3 months in therapy, she has shown us a great example of how dedication, persistence, and a positive frame of mind goes a long way in overcoming adversity. Thank you, Melanie!


“Before I started physical therapy for my vertigo, just getting through a normal day was extremely hard. Now I am able to do many things I never could have done before. I can now go on rides at the fair, run, go for long walks, move my head quickly, and so much more. For the first time in the long six months I’ve had vestibular migraines, I finally feel normal. I’m not scared to go somewhere or just live my life in general. I’m so extremely glad I did vestibular rehab here at Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists because I can finally get my life back.”

Melanie E., Valparaiso IN (8/13/15)