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elderly-woman-sitting-on-stability-ball Feb15th 2017

10 Exercises to Help You Regain Balance and Reduce Your Risk of Falling

From the time we learn to take our first steps, we also begin to learn what it feels like to fall. Likewise, we learn to hold onto things like the edge of a table or our parents’ fingers to avoid falling. This natural avoidance to losing our balance is an important thing to have. According

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Balance and Dizziness Oct12th 2016

Balance and Dizziness – One Person’s Story

Here’s another patient who wrote to us about her journey battling balance issues, dizziness, and vertigo…. “There are probably a million ways an individual arrives at a point where they are experiencing problems with balance or dizziness. There are also a host of physical issues that give rise to problems with this bodily function. There

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Balance and Dizziness Sep6th 2016

Exercises to Help with Balance and Dizziness Problems

Keeping yourself steady and safe while standing is not such an easy thing to do when you have balance problems. If you’re trying to stand upright and you start swaying just a little bit forward or backward, you’ll end up falling to the ground if you’re disoriented. People with balance problems have a very narrow

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