Top 3 Exercises For Sciatica and Pinched Nerve

Mar20th 2017

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Sciatica pinched nerve…what a pain in the butt!

For most people, it means pain going down the back of their leg.

And the usual cause is a problem in the back or pelvis pinching or irritating the sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body.

It starts from the lower back, courses into the buttock, runs down the back of the thigh and splits into two behind the knee. Both branches then run down to the foot.

Sciatica can cause shooting pain, numbness, tingling, “dead leg” feeling or a feeling like a leg is going to sleep.

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Here’s the first exercise – Flossing

Sit up nice and straight.

Straighten the affected leg or the leg with pain.

Stretch that leg out. Then look up at the same time.

As you’re doing this and if you’re doing it right, and you’re doing it on the painful leg, it can actually make the symptoms travel down your leg.

That’s OK. We’re putting a stretch on the nerve.

Hold this for 5 seconds.

Then bend your knee and look down.

Hold this for 5 seconds. Alternate between both positions 10 times each way.

The next exercise is called – The Slump Stretch.

Same idea here. We’re stretching the sciatic nerve.

As you’re doing the exercise, you’ll experience increased symptoms down the leg.

Outside of the Flossing exercise and the Slump stretch, no other exercise you’re doing should increase the pain down the leg.

Everything else should decrease the pain in the leg and centralize the pain in your lower back.

Sit with your feet against the wall, knee straight, fingers interlocked behind your head.

Slump forward. Bring your elbows in.

This should cause a pretty sharp pain down the back of your leg.

It’s ok to feel increased symptoms down the back of the leg.

Hold this for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Now if that’s too painful, or you feel that’s too advanced…

Here’s what you can do:

Put your arms behind you. Hands flat on the table. Elbows straight.

Sit up and arch your low back.

Rock your pelvis forward.

It will do the same thing as the slump stretch but it’s less intense.

Same duration. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

The 3rd exercise for sciatica and pinched nerve depends on what’s causing your symptoms.

The 3 most common causes are :

Herniated Disc.

Stenosis or Arthritis.

Pelvis or SI joint.

The 3rd exercise is any of 3 exercises that address the cause of your sciatica.

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