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The 7 Secrets to Permanent Relief for Neck and Back Arthritis

Joint Pain is a Sign…That This is Happening to You

Pain is a sign. It is a sign that says, “Hey, hold up, there’s something wrong here.”

It is a sign that you have tissue damage.

“Arthritis” literally means, “joint inflammation.”

When you feel pain, there are three things you can do:

  1. You Can Ignore It.

For most people, this involves making excuses. Here are some of my favorites:

“I’m old.”

“It’s Arthritis.”

“It’s the weather.”

“My Mom had a bad back.”

Simply put, repeating excuses will not help you heal. Excuses only put the blame and responsibility of the health of your body on someone else.

  1. You Can Try to Cover It Up.

For people who try to handle pain this way, they usually try to cover it up with medications, injections, or unnecessary surgery (there are some surgeries which are absolutely necessary). These rarely address the cause of the joint pain. We will talk more about this later.

  1. You Can Handle It.

People who handle arthritic pain best, handle it early. This means if they have a pain, they may wait a few days or a week, but if the pain persists, they seek for the best specialists in their area and follow the advice.

If you are a person who handles problems early, so they do not get worse, then you will want to read the section on “How to Find the Best PT in Your Area.”

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.”  – Hippocrates


What is the Single Best Exercise to Do, If You Could Only Pick One?

Walking is by far the single best exercise for long term neck and back health. People who walk 30 minutes or more 6 days a week, enjoy many benefits:

  • Better heart health
  • Improved mood and self esteem
  • Improved concentration and brain power
  • Longer life
  • Better spine health

Q: How does walking lead to a healthier spine?

A: Every time you take a step, the spine goes through a small, up and down oscillation (think of an accordion going in and out). The space between the bones in your back does not have a blood supply. So it relies on the up and down movement with walking, jogging or running for nutrients… and for better health.

Swimming and biking have been shown to have similar effects.

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”    – Hippocrates


Think Strengthening for Your “Stretches”

Arthritis, and more specifically osteoarthritis (where pain is in one or more specific joints), usually results from weakness and instability of muscles which control the joint.

15 years ago, the big fad was to do stretches to help arthritis. Recent research on arthritis of the hip, knee, neck and lower back demonstrates that exercises which improve strength are the most effective at reducing joint pain and instability.

“What’s the difference between stretching and strengthening?”

Stretching exercises are usually held for 15 seconds or longer. Think yoga.

Strengthening exercises usually involve repetitions. Think calisthenics (squats, push-ups) or resistance with bands or weights.

“All parts of the body which have a function, if used in moderation and exercised in labors in which each is accustomed, become thereby healthy, well developed and age more slowly, but if unused they become liable to disease, defective in growth and age quickly.”            -Hippocrates


How to Find the Best PT in Your Area for Neck and Back Arthritis

Successful Physical Therapy treatment for neck and back arthritis involves three things:

  1. Hands-on PT
  2. Strengthening and stability exercises
  3. Traction (when appropriate). This may also be called Decompression or Inversion therapy.

The key is that per recent survey, only 10% of all physical therapists in the United States do the specific type of therapy which is shown in research to be the best at long term relief for arthritis in the neck and back.

So how do you find the best hands-on PT in your area?

“When you call in to schedule an appointment with your physical therapist (or physical therapist if in another country), ask if they do a ‘grade 5 lumbo pelvic mobilization’. The receptionist will likely stutter and ask the PT. If the PT says no or hesitates, keep looking.”

You want a physical therapist who is using the latest techniques proven in the research to be the best for you.

Who Said, “We Are What We Eat?”

OK, the guy who said the above, I never heard of before.

It was Hippocrates who said, ““Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Here are four fantastic books on how what we eat effects our health (one is by a nutritionist, one a family doctor in New Jersey who has been on Dr. Oz, one a doctor at the Cleveland clinic, one a doctor at Cornell):

  1. The Maker’s Diet, by Jordan Rubin
  2. Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  3. You Can Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, by Dr. Caldwell Essylsten
  4. The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell

Three Things You Should Avoid to Keep Your Joints the Healthiest

This may be the most controversial, but medications, injections, and surgery frequently cause long term damage. This is especially true when they are given when not needed.

Here is why:

  1. Medication, especially muscle relaxants, pain killers and anti-inflammatories, block the minds ability to perceive pain. Certainly medication has its place. As a nation, we frequently overuse and block the pain signal. This leads to not addressing the cause of the pain, which leads to more joint damage.
  2. Injections, especially cortisone and epidurals. When physical therapy fails, then there is a place for injections. But when given before PT, and especially in a series of more than one, injections decrease joint health.
  3. Surgery, specifically spinal fusions, lead to stoppage of joint movement. This essentially kills and fuses the joint. It frequently leads to arthritis and pain in the joints above and below the previous surgery.

Don’t Worry Be Happy?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, What the Dog Saw, he refers to a little coal mining town in the Poconos where arthritis and heart disease were extremely rare in the town. What was the cause of this?

Genetics? No way! Most were Italian…

Exercise? No…

Occupation? No again…

Researchers and doctors concluded the reason for the almost non-existent rates of arthritis was because of the excellent family and neighbor relations most townspeople had. The community was tight knit. It was known as a super friendly place with good relationships.

Better relationships = less stress = better mental state = healthier joints and bodies.


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Arlan Alburo, PT, MTC

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Our Reviews
Stephanie McGuire
Stephanie McGuire
03:04 14 May 20
Everyone at OBTS - Valparaiso has been great to work with! They are all friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable. I am in my mid/late 30's and had to have lower back surgery. They were quick to get me in for an appointment, answered my questions, are very attentive to how I'm feeling, marking my progress, and closely monitoring that I'm doing each exercise appropriately to get me stronger and more prepared to return to my active lifestyle. They also offer dry needling, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation, which is really nice. I definitely recommend them if you're looking for a PT place. If I ever need PT again in the future, I already know who I'm going to reach out to.
Susan Resteau
Susan Resteau
16:41 22 Apr 20
I was referred to Orthopedic & Balance by a friend who is also a nurse. It proved to be a great recommendation. Having gone through a knee replacement followed by a hip in a short period of time, it was these folks that helped me recover. They have a super staff & if I need assistance again I will most definitely return.
Yvonne Condo
Yvonne Condo
15:26 13 Apr 20
Noel was fantastic and very patient with me. Also, he is funny. Everyone here is wonderful, highly recommend them.
Kathleen Pullins
Kathleen Pullins
22:34 27 Feb 20
Amazing therapists! So kind and patient! They helped me recover from my seventh concussion! No more nausea and 100% improved balance. I made a full recovery in 6 weeks!
Hile Originals
Hile Originals
02:11 31 Jan 20
My neurologist prescribed balance therapy, which was done here at OBTS. I was skeptical of balance therapy at first, but by golly, it worked! It helps that the staff is phenomenal and fun, which helps make therapy sessions a little easier. If I ever have other therapy needs, I will make a return trip here.
Chuck Hillier
Chuck Hillier
20:51 28 Jan 20
I'm in my 4th Week & the Results are Demonstrable ! Referred by my Doc and he's pleased as well. Very Welcoming & Pleasant Atmosphere.... Very Talented & Fun Staff. Chuck H.
Ruth Bowlin
Ruth Bowlin
18:31 22 Jan 20
All your people are very helpful and answer any questions I have enjoy the great help they have given me so can be active again
bill steinbrecher
bill steinbrecher
21:38 17 Jan 20
I enjoyed each visit at OBTS for each of my therapy sessions. They helped and I felt I was a part of a family as I got to know each of the therapists.
rodney dowell
rodney dowell
22:35 13 Jan 20
Ortho/Balance helped me achieve full movement of my knee after full knee replacement. Their Physical Therapy Dept. is exceptional.I have been to other PT CLINICS; but Ortho/Balance outshines them all by a Hundred fold. They are caring and they don't rush you through. I recommend them above all others, they truly the BEST. I was fortunate to have found them by accident. All the staff are great; but Joe Lucio is top shelf. He is attentive and doesn't hurt you Very gentle and gets the job done. THANK YOU ALL RODNEY DOWELL
Amber Verstat
Amber Verstat
19:17 19 Dec 19
Went in with the most horrible pain in my leg muscles. Staff (Joe worked on me) did a wonderful job helping with pain! I was about to just chop off my leg, honestly. Highly recommend!
Lou Donkle
Lou Donkle
18:47 19 Dec 19
5-stars for the hands-on staff, 1-star for the business policies regarding their high-priced laser treatments. I arrived on my first appointment with a prescription from my doctor for medicare-covered machine-therapy (iontophoresis and ultrasound) plus PT. After a 1-hour evaluation with a therapist, only THEN was I informed they do not offer the medicare-covered machine therapy prescribed by my doctor. Three different people eventually told me that my prescribed medicare-authorized treatment was not supported by medical research and they recommended laser therapy that was NOT covered by medicare and would cost me hundreds of dollars for a series of treatments.I was SHOCKED! I asked ... you mean a medicare-authorized treatment is NOT supported by medical research?! And you cannot provide me exactly what I came here to get?! And you waited until AFTER a 1-hour evaluation before you told me all that?! I was in total disbelief and felt terrible because of all the subtle but polite pressure that was put on me when all I wanted was what my doctor had ordered. Why did they need to make me feel so terrible? I just couldn't believe it.After I asked my questions, the "manager" was consulted several times and I was eventually informed that they COULD do most of what was prescribed by my doctor and it would all be covered by medicare. I felt trapped since I had already been there one hour so proceeded with the treatment. This is where the 5-star rating starts. All hands-on people were OUTSTANDING and the full course of PT fixed my issue 100%.My advice is to be very cautious if you are recommended treatments NOT ordered by your doctor. Otherwise, an excellent place.
Elaine Krause
Elaine Krause
18:18 11 Dec 19
I attended several of the Saturday workshops at OBTS to increase my knowledge as a yoga instructor. Noel’s informative presentations were tailored to meet the needs of those individuals who were present. I took advantage of the free assessment offered to the attendees, and chose to try PT to resolve a minor issue. The therapists did an excellent job correcting the problem quickly. Great team of professionals! Thank you!
Timothy Knopf
Timothy Knopf
20:18 30 Oct 19
Best therapy place around. I would recommend this place to everyone. They have the best group of therapists around.
Mitchell Udowitz
Mitchell Udowitz
20:43 27 Oct 19
I have been to two Physical Therapy places prior to finding Orthopedic & Balance Therapy in Valparaiso. While they were ok they don’t hold a candle to Orthopedic & Balance Therapy. OBT team works as one in harmony and they stay on top of the latest technology for their patients. Their team is so very knowledgeable and very friendly plus they generally care about what they are doing and it shows. They are concerned about the whole person not just the injury they need to be treated for.
Barbara Serynek
Barbara Serynek
18:52 03 Oct 19
The entire staff has been very pleasant, professional and accommodating. Both Kristen and Joe have given me the best massages. Kate and Kollin made sure that I was doing my excercises and helped to move things along. Feeling better every visit. I'm so glad that I chose Orthopedic & Balance.
Heidi Richardson
Heidi Richardson
17:00 19 Sep 19
I went to physical therapy not expecting it to do very much to help because that’s the way I approach everything with low expectations. Noel and his team have made my neck feel so much better that it puts me in a more positive mood each day and I actually feel more positive and more productive on a day-to-day basis..
Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell
16:26 14 Aug 19
I could barely walk into OBTS six weeks ago. I had very bad lower back and hip pain. The progress has been life changing for me. I always walk out of there with little or no pain. The staff, Laura, Dr Diane, Angie and, of course, Peggy, have taught me so much to keep my pain at bay. I highly recommend this team.
Nancy Guenther
Nancy Guenther
15:28 12 Jul 19
Absolutely awesome! My walking has improved 110%. And my pain level is zero. I highly recommend them. will be amazed how much better you feel.
Tracie Baxter
Tracie Baxter
20:24 03 Jul 19
This was the only place that could help with my TMJ. If you’re suffering from TMJ go see Noel! He really understands the condition. I no long have to deal with constant pain! The whole staff at this office is amazing and very welcoming.
Cindy Standiford
Cindy Standiford
21:33 28 Jun 19
The whole team is great!! I’m getting great care! I recommend Orthopedic & Balance for any issues you might have.
Joseph Mulholland
Joseph Mulholland
19:53 09 May 19
Amazing staff and amazing care. I came in barely able to stand up straight due to a back injury. After 6 weeks, I feel like brand new. Everyone was extremely helpful and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
Trool u
Trool u
19:44 24 Apr 19
I am a PTA student that was required 16 hours of observation time. I had the pleasure of completing my hours at this Valpo location. The staff is incredibly friendly. They were quick to make me feel at home. In a way I was sad to leave, but happy to continue on. I hope to eventually work in this field with a work family this caring and knowledgeable about their profession.
sharon Kramer
sharon Kramer
16:23 18 Apr 19
My experience has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience in getting me to feeling better.The staff does a remarkable job and are fully qualified in their respective areas. The staff made it fun coming here and they were very caring and helpful with their clients!!
Tim Nash
Tim Nash
15:32 27 Aug 18
My first experience with OBTS was very positive. During the course of my 13 therapy sessions I worked with many different therapists and all of them were professional and competent. They were able to help me effectively control my pain without medication using their therapy program. Unfortunately, they could not get my physical condition back to the same ability as before. However, this is due to the fact that it was later determined by my doctors that I required surgery. I plan on returning to OBTS for my post-op physical therapy and have already scheduled my evaluation appointment. Scheduling seems to be a challenge sometimes but that's probably an indication of their patient's satisfaction and good reviews. Thank you OBTS!
Arlene Gross
Arlene Gross
15:58 22 Jun 18
Everyone that worked with me was helpful. I enjoyed watching the staff interact as they worked as they laughed and smiled making me feel that it was fun to exercise. My knee pain is less and I look forward to having the same results with my back.
Jose Ico
Jose Ico
12:43 27 Apr 18
My wife and I have been coming here for a year. They have wonderful customer service and the treatments were great. I could say that since coming here for treatments, I am now able to walk properly and sleep well at nights. They help you in the best way possible. The people here are great and we definitely recommend it to everyone!
Paul Grant
Paul Grant
21:51 03 Apr 18
I have read lots of reviews that say "the entire staff of ..." is great, and you know that it is BS.. .. Butt at OBTS that statement is true. The person answering the phone, appointment setting they work around my schedule. It is truly a team concept. Everyone that has work with/on me keeps me focus on getting healthy to play golf.... Even those employees that haven't work with/on me are upbeat, positive and encouraging both their patients and me..... follow up phone calls, positive, hand written notes of encouragement, reminding me to do my homework so I can play golf this year. Great Employees, Great Business!.
Diane Burns
Diane Burns
02:30 16 Mar 18
I’ve had an incredible experience here at OBTS. In just two and half weeks I’ve seen and felt remarkable results. My hip mobility has improved by 30%. I credit the excellent physical therapists and the deep tissue laser therapy for my gains. I’ve gone from walking with a limp and pain everyday to walking normally and know that I’ll be back to running in the future. Every single person is warm and friendly here. Great place!
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