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How to Get Rid of Pounding Headaches for Good


You know the feeling of your eyes starting to hurt, forehead starting to pound and even your neck feeling like a big ball of tension? A headache is coming on again and it’s time to reach for the Advil, Tylenol or other type of pain pill to numb it. Why does this keep happening?


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 47% of the world’s population suffers from headaches. It has been shown that, headaches are a complicated series of electrical events that basically send the nerves around your scalp and even inside your brain into chaos. Headaches can be triggered from a variety of events such as muscle tension, poor neck posture, injuries, allergies and smells. The vast majority of headaches are related to problems with the posture and function of the neck. This places excessive demand on the neck muscles, causing chemical irritation, which then not only irritates the nerves in certain areas of the scalp, but can actually alter blood flow to parts of the scalp and even brain.


Where tension headaches are can tell you the root cause of the problem

  • Headaches in the forehead or back of the head are typically related to problems with the function of C1 or the first vertebrae in the uttermost neck
  • Headaches to the temple area on one or more sides are an indicator of a problem with the C1-C3 areas of the neck
  • Headaches that are preceded by muscle pain in the mid part of the neck, are often caused by limited motion in the lower neck / upper back area C6-T2
  • Headaches happening more at the end of the day are typical of poor muscle endurance and strength of the shoulder and upper back / neck muscles


Fixing the cause of headaches


  • Watch your posture! Sit upright, walk around tall and do exercises standing flat with your back against a wall.
  • Breathe properly. Stressful work and home situations cause your breathing to become shallower. As this happens on a chronic basis, you breathe incorrectly with your neck muscles instead of your diaphragm. Your neck muscles will then tighten up, causing frequent headaches.
  • Improve the flexibility of your neck and upper back joints. Changes in the function and movement of your neck and upper back joints can easily trigger chronic headaches by causing muscle spasms.
  • Drink enough water. More and more research points to chronic dehydration of the body and brain as a cause of headaches. If you drink sodas, coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages, these are actually diuretics, causing your body to eliminate water. Instead of soda or flavored beverages, drink more water!
  • Avoid processed foods and high fat foods. A simple solution is to avoid food that comes in a box. Buy fresh produce and fuel your body. The chemistry of most processed foods builds up to toxic levels in the body and can ruin normal body functions, especially those of the nervous system.
  • Have a regular physical therapy checkup. Physical therapists are the medical experts of body movement and constantly treat patients with headaches. Through restoring proper body posture, strength and joint mobility, headaches can be alleviated for good.



If you find yourself suffering with a headache more than 3 times a month, it is time for you to discover the root cause of your pain, before it becomes a real big problem. Contact Orthopedic and Balance Therapy today to have a thorough physical therapy evaluation of your neck and spine, discovering the true mechanism of your headaches and finding relief for good!

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Tim Nash
Tim Nash
15:32 27 Aug 18
My first experience with OBTS was very positive. During the course of my 13 therapy sessions I worked with many different therapists and all of them were professional and competent. They were able to help me effectively control my pain without medication using their therapy program. Unfortunately, they could not get my physical condition back to the same ability as before. However, this is due to the fact that it was later determined by my doctors that I required surgery. I plan on returning to OBTS for my post-op physical therapy and have already scheduled my evaluation appointment. Scheduling seems to be a challenge sometimes but that's probably an indication of their patient's satisfaction and good reviews. Thank you OBTS!
Arlene Gross
Arlene Gross
15:58 22 Jun 18
Everyone that worked with me was helpful. I enjoyed watching the staff interact as they worked as they laughed and smiled making me feel that it was fun to exercise. My knee pain is less and I look forward to having the same results with my back.
Jose Ico
Jose Ico
12:43 27 Apr 18
My wife and I have been coming here for a year. They have wonderful customer service and the treatments were great. I could say that since coming here for treatments, I am now able to walk properly and sleep well at nights. They help you in the best way possible. The people here are great and we definitely recommend it to everyone!
Paul Grant
Paul Grant
21:51 03 Apr 18
I have read lots of reviews that say "the entire staff of ..." is great, and you know that it is BS.. .. Butt at OBTS that statement is true. The person answering the phone, appointment setting they work around my schedule. It is truly a team concept. Everyone that has work with/on me keeps me focus on getting healthy to play golf.... Even those employees that haven't work with/on me are upbeat, positive and encouraging both their patients and me..... follow up phone calls, positive, hand written notes of encouragement, reminding me to do my homework so I can play golf this year. Great Employees, Great Business!.
Diane Burns
Diane Burns
02:30 16 Mar 18
I’ve had an incredible experience here at OBTS. In just two and half weeks I’ve seen and felt remarkable results. My hip mobility has improved by 30%. I credit the excellent physical therapists and the deep tissue laser therapy for my gains. I’ve gone from walking with a limp and pain everyday to walking normally and know that I’ll be back to running in the future. Every single person is warm and friendly here. Great place!
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