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Are You Suffering From Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Many people have never heard of the sacroiliac (SI) joints and have no idea of where they are or what their function is within the body. But those who suffer from sacroiliac joint pain are all too familiar with the joints themselves and the pain caused when something goes wrong with them.

Where Are the Sacroiliac Joints?

If you look at the word “sacroiliac“, you’ll see that it describes two areas in the body:

  1. Sacro” sounds a little like “sacrum”, which is a triangular-shaped bone in the lower part of the spine, centrally located just below the lumbar spine. The sacrum, unlike most of the spine, is not mobile. It’s made up of five vertebrae that are fused together.
  2. “Iliac”, the second part of the word, refers to the two large bones (ileum) that make up the pelvis.

The sacroiliac joints, or SI, are what connect the spine to the pelvis. The sacrum and the illiac bones are held together by a group of strong ligaments. There is very little motion at these joints. Most of the motion in the area around the pelvis is either facilitated by the hips or the lumbar spine. The joints act primarily as shock absorbing structures.

There are numerous terms for pain in the SI joints, including SI joint dysfunction, SI joint syndrome, SI joint strain or inflammation. All refer to a condition that causes pain in the SI joints stemming from different causes.

Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

As with most joints in the body, the SI joints are covered by a protective layer of cartilage. When this cartilage is either damaged or worn away, the bones begin to rub against each other, eventually causing degenerative arthritis (sometimes known as “osteoarthritis”) to develop.

Aside from aging, one common cause of SI dysfunction is pregnancy. Hormones released during pregnancy allow the ligaments to relax, allowing for more movement in preparation for childbirth. The increased movement in the joints can and often does cause increased stresses and abnormal wear. In fact, any condition that changes the normal walking pattern puts stress on the SI joints that can lead to pain. This might be one leg that’s longer than the other, or pain in another joint such as the hip, knee or ankle, that causes a change in the way a person walks.

It’s not only too much movement in the SI joints, that can cause problems — too little movement (hypomobility or fixation), can also lead to pain. The area where a person feels pain depends on whether the problem is caused by too much motion in the SI joints (hypermobility), or too little:

  • Too much movement typically causes pain in the lower back or hip area which sometimes radiates in the groin area.
  • Too little movement usually results in pain on one side of the lower back or buttocks which sometimes radiates down the leg (similar to the pain of sciatica).

Other disorders that affect the body’s joints can sometimes cause pain in the SI joints. These include:

  • gout
  • rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis
  • reactive arthritis
  • ankylosing spondylitis (a form of inflammatory arthritis that always affects the SI joints)

Symptoms of an SI Disorder

As mentioned, a problem with the SI joints causes symptoms ranging from lower back, hips, buttocks, groin and legs. The pain is usually worse with prolonged sitting, rolling in bed, getting in and out of bed, getting in and out of the car. Sometimes, there may also be stiffness in the SI joints and a burning sensation in the pelvis.

Diagnosing Sacroiliac Dysfunction

The first step in diagnosing a problem with the SI joints, is gathering a medical history and performing a physical exam. The physical therapist will ask questions to try to ascertain whether there are any underlying disorders that could be causing a patient’s pain. Because there are other conditions that can produce similar symptoms, it’s basically a process of elimination that helps narrow down the diagnosis.

Certain “signs” can also help the doctor differentiate SI pain from pain coming from other sources such as the lumbar spine or the hips. Various tests can be performed during the physical that can help pinpoint or isolate the source of the pain. Putting the hips and legs in certain positions and then applying pressure can move or apply pressure to the SI joints to determine if they’re what’s causing the pain. In other words, the physical therapist actually tries to “provoke” pain in the SI joints.

Treatment Options

Physical therapy is often very useful in treating SI joint pain. A physical therapist will prescribe exercises and stretches that can often go a long way toward providing significant pain relief.

What’s even more helpful is a specialty field in physical therapy called manual therapy. It’s  form of therapy where the physical therapist uses skilled techniques learned through additional training that helps move the pelvis and the spine, and optimize the condition of the muscles surrounding the sacroiliac joints.


But it all starts with a thorough and comprehensive physical examination. A good evaluation lays the foundation for successful treatment.

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Christine O'Donnell
16:26 14 Aug 19
I could barely walk into OBTS six weeks ago. I had very bad lower back and hip pain. The progress has been life changing for me. I always walk out of there with little or no pain. The staff, Laura, Dr Diane, Angie and, of course, Peggy, have taught me so much to keep my pain at bay. I highly recommend this team.
Nancy Guenther
Nancy Guenther
15:28 12 Jul 19
Absolutely awesome! My walking has improved 110%. And my pain level is zero. I highly recommend them. will be amazed how much better you feel.
Tracie Baxter
Tracie Baxter
20:24 03 Jul 19
This was the only place that could help with my TMJ. If you’re suffering from TMJ go see Noel! He really understands the condition. I no long have to deal with constant pain! The whole staff at this office is amazing and very welcoming.
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Cindy Standiford
21:33 28 Jun 19
The whole team is great!! I’m getting great care! I recommend Orthopedic & Balance for any issues you might have.
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Joseph Mulholland
19:53 09 May 19
Amazing staff and amazing care. I came in barely able to stand up straight due to a back injury. After 6 weeks, I feel like brand new. Everyone was extremely helpful and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
Trool u
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19:44 24 Apr 19
I am a PTA student that was required 16 hours of observation time. I had the pleasure of completing my hours at this Valpo location. The staff is incredibly friendly. They were quick to make me feel at home. In a way I was sad to leave, but happy to continue on. I hope to eventually work in this field with a work family this caring and knowledgeable about their profession.
sharon Kramer
sharon Kramer
16:23 18 Apr 19
My experience has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience in getting me to feeling better. The staff does a remarkable job and are fully qualified in their respective areas. The staff made it fun coming here and they were very caring and helpful with their clients!!
Tim Nash
Tim Nash
15:32 27 Aug 18
My first experience with OBTS was very positive. During the course of my 13 therapy sessions I worked with many different therapists and all of them were professional and competent. They were able to help me effectively control my pain without medication using their therapy program. Unfortunately, they could not get my physical condition back to the same ability as before. However, this is due to the fact that it was later determined by my doctors that I required surgery. I plan on returning to OBTS for my post-op physical therapy and have already scheduled my evaluation appointment. Scheduling seems to be a challenge sometimes but that's probably an indication of their patient's satisfaction and good reviews. Thank you OBTS!
Arlene Gross
Arlene Gross
15:58 22 Jun 18
Everyone that worked with me was helpful. I enjoyed watching the staff interact as they worked as they laughed and smiled making me feel that it was fun to exercise. My knee pain is less and I look forward to having the same results with my back.
Jose Ico
Jose Ico
12:43 27 Apr 18
My wife and I have been coming here for a year. They have wonderful customer service and the treatments were great. I could say that since coming here for treatments, I am now able to walk properly and sleep well at nights. They help you in the best way possible. The people here are great and we definitely recommend it to everyone!
Paul Grant
Paul Grant
21:51 03 Apr 18
I have read lots of reviews that say "the entire staff of ..." is great, and you know that it is BS.. .. Butt at OBTS that statement is true. The person answering the phone, appointment setting they work around my schedule. It is truly a team concept. Everyone that has work with/on me keeps me focus on getting healthy to play golf.... Even those employees that haven't work with/on me are upbeat, positive and encouraging both their patients and me..... follow up phone calls, positive, hand written notes of encouragement, reminding me to do my homework so I can play golf this year. Great Employees, Great Business!.
Diane Burns
Diane Burns
02:30 16 Mar 18
I’ve had an incredible experience here at OBTS. In just two and half weeks I’ve seen and felt remarkable results. My hip mobility has improved by 30%. I credit the excellent physical therapists and the deep tissue laser therapy for my gains. I’ve gone from walking with a limp and pain everyday to walking normally and know that I’ll be back to running in the future. Every single person is warm and friendly here. Great place!
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