Patient Testimonials

  • When I 1st started my therapy, I had a very hard time keeping my balance during assessment and therapy. After six visits I have noticed a marked difference in my balancing ability. One of the areas of vast improvement is driving for periods of more than 45 minutes. Prior to therapy, I would sometimes have to stop or arrive completely exhausted. Now I find that I can drive for the period of time without rest and arrive to my destination completely focused.

    Carolyn P

  • Physical therapy has significantly improved my left arm and hand weakness as well as my neck stiffness and discomfort. As a professional harpist, my condition had become very stressful and difficult during my performances. Through my therapist’s explanations, I now understand my condition and how to prevent future problems. It is wonderful to be able to do such activities as driving, cooking and playing the harp. Thank you, OBTS!


  • Since taking physical therapy at Orthopedic & Balance Therapy Specialists my back pain has improved 95%. I can now do things that I haven’t done in 2 years. After being hit by a car while riding my bicycle I was in constant pain for almost 2 years, getting no sleep or exercise due to the physical pain. I am now back on my bike, riding a full 6 miles 2x a week and sleeping soundly through the night. This has been an awesome experience and I am forever grateful!

    Melissa T

  • The dizziness has stopped. I feel stronger in the legs and I am walking better than I was before I started. My balance has improved 100% since I started therapy. I can go on walks without stumbling and I can work on my job now without having a dizzy spell.

    Stephen H

  • I came in with pain in my legs, knee and foot. I had a hard time moving up and down stocking shelves at work. Now I am able to move more with very little pain. My legs and knees feel much better. I can bend them without my knee giving out. I love the people who work here and how they made me feel like a new person without surgery.

    Mary C

  • When I began treatment it was difficult (to) put on a “pullover” shirt. Now there is no pain at all. It was difficult to bend my arm and raise it above my head. I can move it freely and pain free now. I had difficulty sleeping through the night. Now I can get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed. Before I found it difficult/painful to turn the steering wheel of my car with parking. Now it is not a problem. I have been to other treatment centers – about 5, but here I feel I really received help immediately.

    Gus S

  • Before treatments I could not lie on my back on the floor to do yoga – now I can without pain. When I went grocery shopping before I would have to sit down because of back pain, now I don’t. Also I found standing in line or at the kitchen sink very hard to do (without pain) before my physical therapy treatments here. Everyone on staff is so pleasant and caring.

    Nita B

  • My therapist is wonderful! His hands are so powerful and a God send. My shoulder and neck have never felt so good! I have not walked without pain in my hip for so long I forgot how good it felt. I will certainly recommend him and your whole establishment to all of my friends. I wish I had found this wonderful establishment sooner!


  • I am happy with everything Orthopedic & Balance Therapy Specialists has done for me. My vertigo attack was very scary, but in just 3 sessions with my therapist, he has given me my confidence back to feel I wasn’t helpless. I was able to go back to my normal activities without a fear of falling down. I thank this clinic so much for their knowledge of balance.

    Linda W

  • When I started my balance therapy, I was told my balance would be corrected. I had a lot of doubt. After about halfway thru the therapy, I felt a large improvement. I am now able to walk without swaying and feeling like I am going to trip myself. I have more self-confidence in standing in one place as well as walking. The staff is great and oh so patient”


  • I wish to extend my thanks to my therapists for their efforts in my rehabilitation on balance and strengthening. The improvements that I have experienced over the past months that I could not do that I can do now are listed below:

    • Walk down a dimly lit hallway without fear of falling.

    • Walk into and out of the shower and high-sided whirlpool without slipping.

    • Walk without the aid of a walker.

    • Able to ascend /descend stairs holding 1 handrail – sometimes without holding the handrail.

    • Able to lift fairly heavy objects over my head and walk with them.

    • Able to get out of the house and stay on my feet for extended periods of time.

    David I

  • Kelsie-S testimonial

    Physical therapy let me play volleyball to my full potential. My back doesn’t get in the way. Also, I can focus in class better because I’m not constantly in horrible pain. My back no longer gets in the way.

    Kelsie S.

  • Gloria testimonial

    I was pretty unsteady when walking when I first came here. I was dizzy and falling often. The balance machine has reprogrammed me to use my muscles, weight shifts, eyes, and even my inner ear for better balance. I have not fallen since! This has been so valuable for me. Thanks OBTS!!!

    Gloria Chirila

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