FREE Balance and Dizziness Workshop in La Porte

Learn self-help techniques to overcome dizziness, reduce risk of falling, and get steadier on your feet 

When: July 24 Tuesday @6:00 PM


Where: 1405 E. Lincolnway Suite B La Porte IN 46350

(across Route 2 from Walmart, next to All Star Auto)

This workshop is for you if...

  • You feel unsteady on your feet and concerned you might fall
  • You've missed out on family activities because of your balance or dizziness issues
  • You've given up on the things you love to do because of your unsteadiness or dizziness
  • You're noticing changes in your balance ability and just want to be proactive
  • You're not sure what to do and just want to be back to your normal self

During the workshop, I will discuss in detail:

  • The 3 components of balance control that help keep you steady. 
  • How to know if each component is working properly the way it’s supposed to (these are simple tests you can do on your own without any expensive equipment. The 3rd test is what people usually fail the most). 
  • Simple techniques to strengthen all 3 components (we will do them together during the workshop, one of them you would have never thought would make such a big difference).
  • Top 3 things you can do to decrease your risk of falling (people who fail the tests and don’t do anything about it are at 3x higher risk of falling)  


    “This has been a wonderful experience. Before coming here I was having a difficult time with my balance and mobility. I could not walk down a narrow hall without touching the walls for balance. I could not scoop down to pick up my shoes without losing my balance. It was difficult to walk across grass. I could not sit long periods of time. Now I can do most of these things with little or no problems. I have more confidence in walking, in standing, and bending down to pick my shoes up.”

    Leota Bowen

    Your Presenter

    Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC
    CEO and Co-Founder, Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists

    Dr. Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC founded Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists (OBTS), a physical therapy practice, in 2003.

    Over 3500 patients later and 3 locations in Northwest Indiana in Valparaiso, Crown Point, and LaPorte, OBTS strives to liberate Hoosiers from relying on pain pills, getting them active and mobile without fear of slowing down, well into their retirement years.  

    Dr. Alburo presents workshops on Back Pain and Sciatica, Rotator Cuff Tears and Shoulder Pain, Balance and Dizziness, Heel and Foot Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches, and Knee Pain.  

    He has spoken at national conferences in San Diego and Orlando.  

    He is married to his wife Jane of 21 years, and they have 2 children, their daughter Alex (a high school senior), and their son AJ (a freshman). They live in Valparaiso.

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