FREE Balance Consultation All Day Event

Monday September 16th, Tuesday September 17th, and Thursday September 19th

FREE- Balance Consultation, Exercise Tips ,
and Our Fresh Off The Press Free Report on the Top 8 Secrets to Improve Balance and Prevent Falling

In celebration of National Balance Awareness Week, Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists will be hosting the  FREE Balance Consultation All Day Event. 

Here's What You Get During Your Free Balance and Fall Prevention Consult

1. One on one consultation time with one of our balance specialist physical therapists.

2. An exclusive FREE test in our state of the art NASA Balance Technology equipment that will reveal your own Balance Score relative to people your own age.

3. You will also find out if any of your 3 main components for balance control is not functioning at optimum levels.

Plus You Get My Breakthrough Balance Report

In this Special Report I reveal the Top 8 secrets on helping you improve balance and prevent falling.​

They’re in no particular order, and they all have only one thing in common: They all work. There’s a great saying that goes: “Small hinges swing big doors.” And it’s often the simplest advice that wins in the end.

And you get this free report when you arrive for your free consult.


Crown Point: Monday Sep 16


La Porte: Tuesday Sep 17

Highland: Tuesday Sep 17


Valparaiso: Thursday Sep 19

This Event Is For You If...

  • You're not as steady on your feet as you used to be, and want to be proactive with your balance 
  • You've had a fall in the past year and concerned you might fall again
  • You're afraid of losing independence due to your balance issues
  • You've started to miss out on family activities as you're not as confident with your balance as you used to be
  • You just want to get back to normal and enjoy the simple things of daily life without worrying about your balance 

Unfortunately, I have only 13 spots for each location.  If I do not hear from you by Monday Sep 9th at 5PM, I will have to offer the invitation to another patient.


Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC
CEO and Co-Founder, Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists

To your life unhindered by balance issues!

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