Relieve lumbar disc herniation pain Feb22nd 2017

How To Relieve Lumbar Disc Herniation Pain

Usually, before a patient has a surgical procedure to address a herniated lumbar disc they must undergo non-surgical treatment such as physical therapy. While there are many forms of non-surgical treatment for herniated disc this blog focuses on how physical therapy helps relieve the pain associated with lumbar disc herniation. Treatment goals with Physical Therapy

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elderly-woman-sitting-on-stability-ball Feb15th 2017

10 Exercises to Help You Regain Balance and Reduce Your Risk of Falling

From the time we learn to take our first steps, we also begin to learn what it feels like to fall. Likewise, we learn to hold onto things like the edge of a table or our parents’ fingers to avoid falling. This natural avoidance to losing our balance is an important thing to have. According

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Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Feb8th 2017

Living with Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease

Are you trying to live with the pain of lumbar degenerative disc disease? As the aging process advances, the discs in most people’s spines undergo a degeneration process that will cause a varied loss of strength and mobility. During adolescence, discs receive nutrition from the body’s blood supply. This process concludes once adulthood is attained.

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