Neck Pain Nov30th 2016

10 Best Stretches and Exercises For Neck Pain Relief

Anyone who has experienced neck pain knows it’s no walk through the park. Whether it’s been brought on by injury or long periods of improper posture, consistent neck pain is extremely uncomfortable, puts a damper on accomplishing daily tasks because of limited movement, and worst of all it can progress into headaches, known as cervicogenic

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Plantar Fasciitis Nov23rd 2016

What You Should Know About Plantar Fasciitis

  Have you ever woken up and stepped out of bed only to wish you hadn’t? It’s not just the impending dread of a Monday morning at work for some of us. Everyday, millions of people begin the day in pain, the culprit being plantar fasciitis. The cause of this physical impairment is varied. Any

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Total Knee Replacement Nov16th 2016

The Right Diet Makes All the Difference: What You Should Eat and Avoid While Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery

The first thought you have after undergoing such a life altering procedure like a total knee replacement is having a smooth sailing recovery. There are many successful strategies that work wonders in healing your body such as following your doctors orders and engaging in some knee strengthening exercises. But if you’re looking for another excellent

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